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Times Square

Feel the city’s rhythm

We know that New York is dubbed "the city that never sleeps" but this expression takes on a whole new meaning as soon as you arrive at Times Square, the city’s most famous square.

Located at the junction between Broadway and Seventh Avenue, Times Square is a commercial area known for the neon signs that cover buildings from top to bottom. It’s also in this area that the famous MTV and Virgin Records studios are located, along with the New York Times offices and the Hard Rock Cafe.

In Times Square you’ll find the most diverse characters, willing to take pictures with tourists (such as the iconic "naked cowboy") and the mixture of different languages is obvious. Did you know that Times Square receives 39 million tourists every year? Your visit to New York is not complete without a night stroll through Times Square.

Cool Tip: Take advantage of the proximity and watch a musical at one of the Broadway theaters. In Times Square there is a TKTS kiosk where you buy tickets for the shows of the day. Sometimes, the tickets are 50% off!