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Survival Kit


This is one of the most exciting cities in the world! Get ready for great museums, unique views, fantastic shopping and excellent food. This will be an unforgettable trip!


There are three airports: LaGuardia Airport and JFK are the largest. The Newark Liberty
International Airport is smaller, but is also widely used. Usually, hailing a yellow cab is one of the best options. From LaGuardia Airport to midtown, you can count on prices that range from $15 to $25; and from JFK, the price is $45, plus the toll price for tunnels and bridges.

New York | Survival Kit


New Yorkers like to walk, and once you realize the difficulty that exists in traffic, you will understand this option.

Subway. One of the most popular options is the subway, MTA subway system, where you can buy a MetroCard for a week, if necessary. In every station there are machines where you can buy single tickets and subway cards very easily. Please take note of the fact that some of station entrances are different according to the subway direction, and you may not be able to change direction inside the station, having to go back outside instead and look for the other subway entrance, headed in the opposite direction.

Uber is another option, more expensive than the common yellow cab, but it is very practical because you can use the app and in NY, Uber is always at your side.

Taxi. It is another way of getting across the city, as long as it’s not rush hour, usually after 5 P.M. Before you hail a cab, figure out which direction you’re heading and place yourself on that side of the street or on the street headed that direction, in order to avoid extra costs.

New York | Survival Kit


At restaurants, tips usually range from 15% to 20%, but you can tip more or less, according to your evaluation of the service. At a bar, it is common to tip $1 per beer, and about $2 per cocktail. The concierge should be tipped about $5 to $10 for every special request, such as making a restaurant reservation, and the maid about $2 to $5 per night.


Many public areas in NY have free Wi-Fi. Some examples include Bryant Park, between West 42nd and Sixth Avenue; in Battery Park, on the southern side of Manhattan; and at Lincoln Center Plaza, on the Upper West Side. Another option is to use the many available Starbucks, as well as many other locations that offer Wi-Fi.

Cool Tip: New Yorkers are busy people, always in a hurry, and sometimes tourists can become an obstacle. But don’t confuse the apparent lack of friendliness with the unwillingness to help – if you have any questions, or if you need help, just ask any New Yorker and you’ll see that they’ll be happy to help.

New York | Survival Kit


New York City is made up of five boroughs: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. Each one has enough attractions—and enough personality—to be a city all its own.