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One for one

The brand’s slogan ("One for One") means that for each item sold, Toms helps a person in need. The brand started off by giving shoes, but right now it also offers others types of support, working in diverse areas and with several missions in progress: helping to create conditions for safe births, preventing bullying, facilitating access to drinking water in poor regions, offering treatments, surgeries and prescription glasses, promoting gender equality, facilitating access to education and, in general, trying to make the planet a better place to live – safe, balanced, ecological, healthy.

Toms is a sustainable, responsible, compassionate brand. Internationally renowned, their comfortable slip-ons and cool sunglasses make a difference, not only in the individual style of those who choose to wear them, but also in the world. Toms also has a vegan line (for men, women and children) which includes not only shoes but also sunglasses, ensuring that all products used in their manufacture are of plant origin.

In their New York store, great taste is mirrored in each division, as well as the concept that deserves applause and contributes to the preservation of the environment and the education of communities.

Cool Tip: After a solidarity purchase like this one, take a seat in the store’s cafe.


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