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Mc Nally Jackson Bookstore

Two special floors

In SoHo, there’s a independent and special bookstore that actually prints books. That's right: at McNally Jackson Bookstore there is a list of books from which you can choose a book to print in real time. And, if you’ve written a book, you can also print it at the McNally Jackson Bookstore. In fact, there are two possible options: you can ether print the book in quantity or you can provide the digital version of the book so that future readers can print it depending on their need and interest. Very cool, right?

And if this isn’t reason enough to go discover this spot, know this: in addition to the typical bookstore concept, the McNally Jackson Bookstore also has a section with stationery created by local designers and a cafe where you can spend some quiet time enjoying a drink and a book.

As could be expected, the décor focuses on books, but that doesn’t mean it’s not original. On the contrary, the details make all the difference here and this is a place that, although outside typical tourist routes, is definitely worth visiting.

Cool Tip: McNally Jackson makes home deliveries in Manhattan daily, using a bicycle to make sure you get yours.


Mon - Sat: 10 am – 10 pm
Sun: 10 am – 9 pm