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Pi Bakerie

Authentic Greece

If Greek flavors suit you and you want to take a culinary trip to Europe without leaving New York, Pi Bakerie is the ideal destination.

In this Greek-inspired coffee shop, the specialties are the savory tarts such as Green Harvest Pi (with spinach, feta cheese and cabbage), Greek yogurt and sweet desserts that include a homemade filo pastry.

Mediterranean culture is the protagonist of this place and traditional recipes are modified without ever losing their genuineness, resulting in unique products that are perfected year after year and which harmoniously combine the legacy of each of Greece’s regions. Are you sure you want to miss out on the opportunity to savor, in the heart of the city that never sleeps, the cuisine of the country adorned with blue and white houses?

Cool Tip: For those who enjoy Greek food and pastries, this is the best place in Manhattan. Order a piece of baklava from one of the sweetest spots in the area.


Mon - Sat: 7am- 9pm I Sun 8:30pm