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Sweet moments of pure happiness

Harbs is the name of a cafe that originated in Japan, which seeks to bring happiness to the customers who choose to pop in for a delicious snack.
Among cakes, teas and sandwiches, in Harbs’ warm and inviting atmosphere all the ingredients are fresh and each product is made in the most traditional way, with the greatest affection and the greatest passion.
The cake slices are tall and generous and their layers, created with the utmost care, are clearly visible, earning points for their full and natural flavors. Accompanied by tea and coffee brought from all over the world, Harbs is the ideal Japanese coffee shop for a late afternoon stop or a different dessert, enjoyed in a cozy and inviting spot.
Cool Tip: If you’re a fan of tea, try the green tea cake for a typical Japanese experience.


Mon-Sun: 11am– 10pm