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Black Seed Bagels

For a true New York morning

New Yorkers traditionally eat their bagel – a delicious donut shaped bread – for breakfast, preferably toasted and covered with cream cheese.

For a true American experience, Black Seed Bagels is the ideal spot. A lovely coffee shop that specializes in the confection of bagels and sandwiches is an excellent choice for breakfast or a lighter lunch and we just had to share this place with you.

There are so many options and quality is always guaranteed. You can sit on one of the available high stools or you can take it to go, enjoying your bagel while you stroll. For breakfast, we suggest the traditional cream cheese bagel. For lunch, we recommend the smoked salmon and roast beef options. If you prefer a sandwich, go for the ricotta, honey and apple option or the smoked trout, arugula, Dijon mustard and boiled egg sandwich.

Cool Tip: Prepare a customized bagel. Choose the type of bagel you prefer and add your favorite ingredients, than simply enjoy your unique creation.


Mon - Sun: 7am – 4 pm