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Nix Restaurant

Simplicity and sophistication

Renowned Michelin star, Chef John Fraser, opened a restaurant dedicated exclusively to vegetable and seasonal dishes in New York.

John Fraser was a pioneer in this trend that puts vegetables in the center of the plate and at Nix this is exactly what he does: at this restaurant meat isn’t a part of any meal. With a vegan and vegetarian menu, produced by the chef who mostly uses products from Union Square Greenmarket, Nix is ​​a top restaurant that stands out from the rest thanks to the quality of each ingredient and the innovation of each dish, of each suggestion.

And because such a modern spot must have cocktails, beer and international wines, Nix offers all this, as well as a collection of wonderful desserts. At Nix Restaurant, nature blends with contemporariness in a unique and unforgettable way and the entire experience is simply cool, elegant and happy.

But, remember to book! Nix Restaurant is extremely popular and sought after, so it will be hard to get a table without a reservation.

Cool Tip: The best thing about Nix is ​​the nan bread, accompanied by various sauces. We highly recommend the ricotta cheese sauce. It’s truly unforgettable!


Mon-Thurs, 5:30-11pm; Fri-Sat, 5:30-11pm; Sun, closed