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Healthy happiness in a bowl

New York brings together different cultures and its culinary diversity is all over the streets of the city that never sleeps. For an Indian dinner, choose Inday – a place where fun and tasty food is also healthy and a perfect part of a balanced diet.
The restaurant decor is western and modern, but the typical rice combined with fresh ingredients and refined sauces take us straight across the ocean after the first bite.

At Inday, the customers choose the protein they want to include on their plate and the options go beyond the traditional bowls. Be sure to try the waffles (made with rice and lentils) with a chutney of your choice and don’t forget to taste their teas as well. At Inday, menus are customized and you can see your own dish being prepared up close, thanks to the restaurant’s open kitchen.

Cool Tip: Inday dishes are gluten free and all the ingredients are organic, as well as pesticide and antibiotics free.


Mon - Sun: 11 am – 9 pm