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Chefs Club

Dishes created by the best

At Chefs Club you can try the best dishes and accompany your meal with carefully selected wines. In a modern space with brick walls, each and every one of the dishes that leave the kitchen are part of a unique and unforgettable menu, created by the most prestigious chefs and their respective teams.

Chefs Club differs thanks to its concept and its ingredients: in addition to the two renowned chefs (Didier Elena and Matthew Aita) who run the Chefs Club kitchen, many others are challenged to prepare dishes for the culinary connoisseurs who choose Chefs Club for a very special meal.

Inside the restaurant there’s a space dubbed the “studio” where, on some nights, food celebrities such as Brady Williams, Paul Qui, Allison Jenkins, Emeril Lagasse, Scott Anderson, Gilles Epié and Hélène Darroze create menus with fixed prices. The studio has an open kitchen that lets you see the chef cook, ask questions and learn more about their dishes and techniques.


Mon –Thu: 5:30pm–11:30pm
Fri - Sat: 5:30pm–12:30am
Sunday: 11am–4pm | 5:30pm–10:30pm